Java Applet (Math Game): Barney

by: Evangelista L. W. Palupi

In the previous meeting, Prof. Zulkardi assigned us to explore and observe a java applet from So that, i made some note for that site and a applet called Barney.RekenWeb is a site which provides some mathematics teaching and learning sources such as mathematics games which can be used to teach realistic mathematics. Barneyis one of the games in that site.It’s dedicated for students in age 10 up to 12 who want to learn more while gaming about numbers (subtraction, addition and multiplication).  This game is similar to  game called  ‘dart’ (Darts is a form of throwing game where darts are thrown at a circular target (dartboard) fixed to a wall Pasted from <>).  In the other word, Barney is digital/computer version of Dart.

You can download the review of that website and games through following links:

  1. Barney (reviewed by Evangelista L.W. Palupi)
  2. Review Math Applet RekenGames (by Evangelista L.W. Palupi)

In this meeting Prof. Zulkardi gives us book and online resources related to technology ( and education and we have to discuss the chapters in the next meeting.

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