A Brief Report on Mathematics Learning Process and Students’ Activity

“This post will briefly describe a mathematics learning process and students’ activities in the one of  PMRI School in Surabaya with mixing of counting operation as a main topic.

I hope this report/post can give usefull information to the readers especially for teachers about mathematics education and PMRI/RME. In addition, as an acknowledgement, the report was written by  Febrian (IMPoME students 2011 Unesa)”

An Observation Report on Mathematics Learning Process and Students’ Activities in Mixing of Counting Operation Lesson Conducted in Grade IV of International Elementary School of Al-Hikmah Surabaya

Written by Febrian

International Master Program on Mathematics Education (IMPoME 2011),

Surabaya State University



Abstract. Observers have executed an observation on Mathematics learning process as well as the students’ activities during the learning was running. In this case, the school being observed was the International Elementary School of Al-Hikmah located in Jalan Gayungsari IV/25, Surabaya, and the subject of observation was students of grade IV. This school has been implementing Realistic Mathematics Education (RME) approach in teaching Mathematics for nine years. To get an image on how that Mathematics learning process, especially in Mixing of Counting Operation is going as well as students’ activities, observation was done by recording all the moments. Then, by using this recording, the observers did analyzing on those both aspects. The process are delivered descriptively. Indeed, some process are given pictures to support the description.

Keywords. Mathematics learning process, students’ activities, Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), Mixing of Counting Operation

Read the full report



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