Side Seeing (Sudut Pandang): Vision of Geometry

By: Evangelista Palupi
When we were child, we often to play hide and seek. There is a child called seeker who will search another hidden child. While seeker is counting and close her/his eyes, another childrens will hide in a place in where they can not be seen by seeker.
When we play that game, we will not consider that we actually learn informal geometry vision.
As a seeker, we will search a place that large enaough to hide the children. we also turn around and looking around and try to see through different side to make sure that the children is in that place or not.
While as a child who should hidden, we have to looking for place that can hide us or make us seems to be dissappear. We have to estimate the large of the place and our body size. we also have to pay attention and make sure that the seeker can not find us by any view.
In geometry itself, there are three different view:
  1. front view
  2. side (left and right side)
  3. top view

In the “Introduction to RME” class, Prof. Zulkardi gave us a problem related to side seeing in geometry in real life.


Draw a thing (like televison or etc) from front, side and top!

This is the results of my friends drawing and mine:


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